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Hard Bargain celebrates accomplishments

Hard Bargain celebrates accomplishments

At the Hard Bargain Association Annual Celebration Dinner Tuesday, Executive Director Brant Bousquet updated the audience of over 230 attendees about the nonprofit’s recent accomplishments in the area of affordable housing in Franklin.

Since 2004, the association has built eight homes in the Hard Bargain historic area and was awarded last August the “Best Community Revitalization” award by Southern Living magazine.

The Hard Bargain neighborhood, including the residential area surrounding the historic McLemore House museum on 11th Avenue North, is over 130 years old. Harvey McLemore, a former slave, bought 15 acres of land in 1880 from his former owner.  He farmed the land for 10 years and later sold plots to other freed slaves, laying the groundwork for the neighborhood that has housed generations of families.

Bousquet was praised at the banquet for keeping the neighborhood “flourishing” throughout the years.

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