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From Seed To Bloom

From Seed To Bloom

Article by Brianna Melanson

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

Artist Meghan Aileen designed the NunaVeda Greenhouse for her property in Franklin. The project started in March 2022 and finished that August and is now available to rent for photoshoots and events.

How did your vision for the greenhouse come to life?
Meghan: I wanted to create a space that illustrates that we are all part of the ecosystem around us and we need nature to survive. I call it a greenhouse because I think that helps people understand what it is at first glance, but I designed it in the style of a nature chapel. I hired Daniel Kohavi from Nashville Glass House to custom-build it for me and he executed it beautifully. I started collecting plants months before and while building it. Once I started putting the plants in the space, it was a lot of figuring out how to mix style and function. I am learning how to pick plants that can survive over 100 degrees as well as freezing temperatures. The addition of dried grasses and flowers helps to fill the space in the winter and create a more boho feel.

What are some of your favorite elements in the space?
The antique stained glass windows on the front are from an old Church in Massachusetts. A wonderful local stained glass artist named Paul Nagy came to fix the pieces that broke during shipping. The Monastery door was a perfect feature for the back wall. I found it locally and the guy I bought it from said it was from a Monastery in Wisconsin and was 150-160 years old. My mom grew up in New Orleans and my grandma had a courtyard outside her shotgun-style house in the city. The courtyard was full of plants, a kumquat tree, the original wooden outhouse and a little ice cream table and chairs just like the one I have in my greenhouse. When I saw the set, I immediately knew I wanted to honor my mom and grandmother in this way. The feel of the greenhouse, especially in the humid southern summer, reminds me of time spent at her house in New Orleans as a child, so it is very nostalgic for me.

Which events are you most excited to host this year?
I love the idea of intimate dinners, small weddings, and record release parties. We are in such a great location that I think art classes and therapeutic potting days would be wonderful for the community. I just hosted my first art exhibit in there and it was incredible to see nature and art come together.

NunaVeda Greenhouse Franklin, TN Photoshoots and Events 2NunaVeda Greenhouse Franklin, TN Photoshoots and EventsNunaVeda Greenhouse Franklin, TN Photoshoots and Events 3