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Franklin’s, Awarding Winning, Nice Branding Agency Launches a New Brand and Online Presence

Franklin’s, Awarding Winning, Nice Branding Agency Launches a New Brand and Online Presence

Nice Branding Agency has launched its new brand colors and website ( with an impressive bold look that embraces the latest technologies and brand marketing trends.

Nice Branding Agency is a multi-disciplinary creative firm specializing in business and restaurant branding that has been in operation since 2007 with over 290+ clients across the country. With primary services consisting of foundational brand development, brand support, and graphic design services. Nice Branding Agency is a great strategic extension of JLB.

“Our brand was dated, and we needed to demonstrate the same kind of quality and value that we deliver for our clients” said, Ken Royer CEO of Nice Branding. “This new brand strategy is key for us, and we made sure to demonstrate on our website the kind rich and bold branding we will deliver to clients. We took the time to detail many brand case studies, examples of the branding process, display some award-winning brands and allow website visitors to explore functionalities like load animations and interactive user experiences”.

Since the beginning of the year, Nice Branding has integrated a seamless experience for brand identity and digital services. From concept to ongoing marketing, Nice is accountable to make sure your brand & website are impressive, everything is working, you are getting results, and it is ALL well supported in one place.

Nice Branding is part of Web Services Team Corporation (WST). WST is as an investment and operations company that brings Business-Class custom branding, website, marketing and online solutions to businesses. WST was founded on the fundamental reality that online marketing solutions and services are terribly segmented and misleading. This leaves businesses vulnerable to unnecessary costs, little to no support, and ultimately lost opportunities. WST solves this problem.

For more information, please contact Nice Branding at (615) 794-2123, or