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Find the Energy You Crave, A Combination Approach for a Healthier Lifestyle

Find the Energy You Crave, A Combination Approach for a Healthier Lifestyle

Article by Sue Baldani

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

When Sarah Thomas, a fitness and nutrition professional, reached her mid-30s, she found that while she was eating less and exercising more, she still didn’t have the energy she craved. “So, I started trying different things – working out less and eating more, but at the same time strategically changing up my macronutrients throughout the day and throughout the week – and it worked! I felt great and had a ton of energy.”Soon after, friends noticed her radiant energy and wanted to know her secret, and Burn Fat & FEAST just blossomed from there. Now, nine years later, Sarah, who lives with her family in Brentwood, has thousands of clients across the country. “You can log in anytime from anywhere, and all the workouts, nutrition plans, and educational training videos are there on the portal,” she says. “We have a really strong online community of support and motivation.”Try the five-day free training offered at

Sarah Thomas, a fitness and nutrition professional Brentwood TN 2

Sarah’s Tips // Getting Started:

/Tip 1 Find your WHY. Dig into why you truly want to make a change rather than something physical like losing 20 pounds. What is your purpose for wanting
to live a healthy lifestyle?

/ Tip 2 Be mindful and track your macronutrients to figure out how much you’re eating throughout the day and also incorporate short strength-training workouts.

/Tip 3 Find a plan that is sustainable. Don’t live a deprived life. You can have your cake, you can have your wine – you just have to figure out how to incorporate those things into a healthy lifestyle. Improve your body efficiently and effectively and live your best life!