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Williamson County Receives Recognition

Williamson County Receives Recognition

Williamson County and City of Franklin officials are working towards approval from their respective governing bodies to authorize a swap of various government-owned properties.  As a result of state legislation, governmental entities can now trade properties without having to first declare same as surplus and put them out for public bid.

Included in the proposed transaction, is county-owned properties known as the old 4-H showbarn (Eddy Lane); the old jail and the old, old jail (Bridge Street); the Five Points Post Office Building and city-owned property known as the old “springs property” in the Fernvale/Primm Springs area of the county.  Though a master plan on the development of the old springs property has yet to be formulated, Mayor Anderson is interested in preserving this property as a natural resource, passive park for the enjoyment of our citizens for generations to come.

Williamson County was recently honored at the Greater Nashville Regional Council (GNRC) annual banquet for various programs submitted which exhibited excellence, outstanding accomplishments and achievement or innovation of one of nine areas of public service.

Parks & Recreation Facilities & Programs Award:  Williamson County won two (2) awards.

The County purchased the former campus of Battleground Academy in 2000.  The Parks Department received a grant of $200,000 and the county approved $350,000 to complete the renovation of the old gymnasiums.  The project included adding air-conditioning, new windows, doors and lighting.  The old football stadium was demolished and the filed was re-worked for multi-sport use.  Playground equipment and a walking trail make this park truly accessible to the neighborhood and adjoining library.

The City of Spring Hill and Williamson County won an award for working together to bring a much needed new public recreation facility for this area, whose growth has tripled in the last five (5) years.  The city agreed to pay for half of the cost of the facility and provide utilities to the property and land for the building.  The site selection process proved arduous, but the County and the City worked together in each step of the purchase and planning for this facility.  Bids are currently being solicited for the construction.

Solid Waste Award:  Keep Williamson Beautiful/Williamson recycles staff has planned many successful events to promote recycling and prevent littering.  The events included Household Hazardous Waste Day, Shred Day, great American Clean up and litter-free events.  The county operates ten (10) manned convenience centers and four (4) recycling drop-off centers and has recycled over 5,000 tons this year.  This success is largely due to the promotion work done by the recycling coordinator, using reminder cards, e-mails, news articles and radio spots.

Economic Development Award:  The City of Franklin and Williamson County shared this award.  Franklin created an Economic Development District, a financing vehicle that allowed the city’s Industrial Development Board to purchase the 50 acre site and lease it to Nissan.  The County provided tax abatements, Nissan will employ over 1,300 people and will increase the city’s property base with a $70 million building and provide an initial economic impact to the state estimated at over $600,000 annually.  This cooperation is another example of how governments can work together to create a positive outcome.

Water & Wastewater Services:  Williamson County was one of the first MS4 (municipal separate storm sewer system) programs to have its state permit in place.  The county created a Storm Water Appeals Board and created regulations that have decreased the amount of sediment entering the storm sewer and streams.  This is one of the largest MS4 areas in the state, roughly 583 square miles.  The County’s Community Development Engineering staff administers the program.