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Camp Skyline

Camp Skyline

Camp Skyline is a private girls’ camp founded on the principles of Christian Leadership. We foster a strong camp spirit honoring the rights and beliefs of one another, where lifelong friendships and memories are made in an atmosphere of wholesome companionship and closeness to God.

The Mission of Camp Skyline

  • Enriching young girls in God, relationships, and self.
  • Teach campers the importance and joy of developing a close walk with God.
  • Teach campers how to build strong, positive relationships with others.
  • Teach campers activity skills while helping them to develop important life skills and positive knowledge of self.
  • Teach campers the value of unselfishness and the necessity of developing a good character.

We invite you to join us! Since 1947, Camp Skyline has provided the finest camping experience available to children from around the world.

A Serious Responsibility

Most parents send their children to camp because they know that the strong influence of a good camp can have a very positive and lasting effect on the lives of their children. Camp Skyline accepts this trust with concern and a deep sense of responsibility.

As owners, we feel a keen sense of responsibility for the spiritual nourishment of our girls, and we will endeavor to provide a strong Christian atmosphere for them. While Camp Skyline is non-denominational, we will always seek Christian staff members and counselors. We feel the staff must set the best example possible. Young people are impressionable, and the camp environment must be wholesome.

Since there is approximately one counselor for every five girls, your daughter will receive personal attention and guidance. Your child will not lose her identity as an individual, while she will be encouraged to do her part for the group as a whole.

Learn more about Camp Skyline here!

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