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Southern Oak Wealth Group

Southern Oak Wealth Group

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If you’re a stakeholder in a business or corporation, or you have complicated family
interests to your finances, often your biggest financial challenge isn’t any particular
one of your many priorities – it’s the problem of keeping it all coordinated.

Through a rare combination of expertise and a consultative wealth process, we help
establish a level of interconnection that can create efficiencies, opportunities and a
greater sense of clarity within your integrated financial life. In effect, each advisor in
your network is talking to another, and each strategy is aligned with the rest.

We offer:
Discretionary management that allows for an efficient investment process and complete alignment with your specific objectives
Aligning your portfolio with your wealth plan to help prevent you from taking on any more risk than is necessary
Tax-efficient growth and reducing the tax burden associated with your investments
Presenting proactive investment opportunities and acting as a sounding board for ideas

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