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Lori Schrader, LMT

Lori Schrader, LMT

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Massage therapy relaxes muscles, easing and soothing your aches and pains. It rejuvenates by restoring balance to our body and being, making us better for all the things life throws our way. Whether you’re looking to relieve stress, lower your blood pressure or just interested in getting some much-needed relaxation, the basic goal of massage therapy is to help the body heal itself and to increase the health and well-being of each client.

I’ve been a TN Licensed Massage Therapist for over 20-years. The type of massage that I do is Functional Bodywork – therapeutic treatment that combines myofascial and deep tissue massage with joint mobilization to target areas of tension and pain, while also addressing areas of muscular immobility or imbalances in the body.

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