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BrightStone and Meiko Partner

BrightStone and Meiko Partner

BrightStone’s community partnerships continue to grow!  MEIKO, one of the largest leading manufacturers of commercial warewashing (dishwashing) equipment donated a commercial dishwasher to BrightStone to use in the Cooking Classroom a few years ago, and most recently helped BrightStone to secure a second dishwashing unit for its Consumable Dry Mix classroom.  MEIKO representative David Ciampoli, recently toured BrightStone to learn more about the program, meeting the adult students and staff.

BrightStone provides job training for adult students who have intellectual challenges in a work-based learning program.  The Consumable Dry Mix classroom gives students the opportunity to learn skills in measuring, mixing, stirring, and packaging.  “Although such tasks may seem simple, they are necessary daily life and job skills that our adults must learn to become more independent,” stated Brenda Hauk, Executive Director of BrightStone.  “We are thrilled that through community partners like MEIKO, we can help further expand the educational opportunities offered to our adults.”

BrightStone is a post secondary educational program, providing job training and life skills education for adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. If interested in learning more please visit For questions, please call 615-790-4888 or email

MEIKO is located in La Vergne, TN and was originally founded in 1927.  To learn more about MEIKO please visit