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BBB Provides Tips After Ticket Master Breach

BBB Provides Tips After Ticket Master Breach

In light of the recent Ticketmaster data breach, BBB is committed to assisting consumers in protecting their personal information and reducing the risk of identity theft. Data breaches can be alarming, exposing customers’ personal details and making them vulnerable to fraud. However, there are steps consumers can take to mitigate these risks. 

“Consumers need to be vigilant in protecting their personal information. While data breaches can be overwhelming, taking proactive steps can significantly reduce the risks,” said Robyn Householder, President and CEO of BBB. “Our goal is to provide consumers with the tools and knowledge they need to safeguard their identities.” 

BBB provides tips to help you avoid this scam.  

  • Don’t overshare online. Avoid posting personal information on social media. It’s not just about your social security number; online quizzes and games may put you at risk! Things like your first pet’s name or the town in which you were born can be used to hack your accounts. 
  • Check your credit report and financial statements often. Monitor your accounts for suspicious activity and notify account providers as quickly as possible. 
  • Use strong passwords and change them regularly. Protect your accounts with complex and unique passwords. 
  • Implement two-factor authentication on accounts and devices. This adds another layer of security to your logins. Two-factor authentication sends a code to your phone or email to check the account owner is the one logging in. 
  • Shop with businesses that protect customer information. Check for basic security measures. There should be an HTTPS in the address bar and a clear and detailed privacy policy. Then, look for and check the validity of trust seals like the Accredited Business seal.   
  • “We are always available to help. Please send us an email or give us a call at 615-242-4222 and we will assist in any way we can, said Robyn Householder, President & CEO of BBB serving Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky.”    

Always report suspected fraud to the BBB by filing a complaint, visiting, and contacting the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at or call 877-FTC-Help.