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Alternative Gift Registries

Alternative Gift Registries

Today, a large percentage of couples are getting married later in life after they have already established jobs and households. They prepare for getting married, wondering what they are going to do with two sets of everyday china, not registering for another set. Many couples have even already received or are going to receive silver and fine china from loving family members. Having all the basic “stuff” has sparked a new trend of alternative gift registries.

A solution for some financially stable couples that have all the stuff they need is to request that guests donate to a charity instead of giving presents. Couples can give guests a short list of four-five charities that they support or would like to help support. An especially meaningful touch is for couples to also give a brief explanation of a personal connection to a charity or why they feel that organization is important.

Some couples have the basics to live at their current rental property but want to start their new life together by purchasing a home. Today, couples in similar situations are registering for supplies at home improvement stores to help build their dream.

Another way that couples are using their registry to get what they really need is by setting up a bank account that goes directly to the down payment on their house. Guests do not have to feel pressured to contribute a certain amount and can feel good about putting money toward something really special for the couple.  

Another unique trend is to have a honeymoon gift registry. Honeymoon gift registries have the same principles as traditional wedding registries but instead of toaster and dish towels, the couple registers for accommodations, special dinners, breakfast in bed and souvenirs from the destination or destinations of their choice. The idea is for wedding guests to give the couple the means to have their dream honeymoon and have the opportunity to create a lifetime of memories.