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Add Timeless Elegance to Your Space with a Frameless Glass Shower – The Experts at Shower Doors of Nashville Weigh In

Add Timeless Elegance to Your Space with a Frameless Glass Shower – The Experts at Shower Doors of Nashville Weigh In

Article by Kellie Walton Benz

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

Home design trends are ever changing, posing a challenge for homeowners to make style choices that will stand the test of time. Bathrooms, in particular, see trends fluctuate between bold or subtle fixtures, shiny or matte finishes, vibrant or neutral color palettes and much more.

Whether designing a new build or considering a remodel, it can be challenging to make style choices that will last beyond a season. One trend that will seemingly never waiver, however, is the timeless beauty of a frameless glass shower.

“While matte black or brushed bronze finishes may fade in and out of style, glass shower doors have long been a popular design choice,” says Steve Hood, owner of Shower Doors of Nashville. “Frameless shower enclosures are low maintenance, easy to customize and add value to your home.”

With open-concept floor plans continuing to trend in home design, frameless shower doors allow that trend to elevate a bathroom – one of the most used spaces in a home – from simply functional to entirely elegant.

While the trend is anticipated to remain steady, the technology behind the glass itself continues to evolve. The glass doors are manufactured with tempered safety glass and finished with Diamon-Fusion – an invisible protective barrier that helps keep the shower clean.

“The technology behind the glass continues to improve, and all of the materials we use are water-clear and stain-resistant,” Steve shares. “Whether we’re upgrading an existing space by adding a new door, working alongside a builder to elevate a new home, or helping a homeowner with a major renovation, our team stays up-to-date on the latest in shower door design and technology.”

After an initial consultation and estimate, the Shower Doors of Nashville team will help finalize the design, order materials and complete an installation – all with an estimated three-week turnaround time (an impressive feat for home improvement services).

Steve attributes his team’s expertise to their focus on doing one thing… and doing it well. While glass shower doors are the sole focus for the Hendersonville-based company, it allows them to be true experts of their trade.

“We’re strictly a shower door company, and we’re specialists in what we do,” Steve says. “From your initial consultation through ordering and install, we’re proud to stay on top of the latest trends. Our customers can expect the highest quality of work with the quickest turnaround time – all because we’re hyper-focused experts on one thing.”

The Hood family has been experts in shower door design and installation for more than 20 years. What began as a family business founded by Steve’s father in Michigan, was then continued by Steve and his brother in Texas. After relocating to Middle Tennessee, Steve now proudly operates Shower Doors of Nashville alongside his wife, Amber.

Shower Doors of Nashville has a showroom open to the public at 103 Tennessee Way in Hendersonville, and provides services throughout the Middle Tennessee area.

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