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Take A Sip – All-Natural Drinks at Hillsboro Nutrition 

Take A Sip – All-Natural Drinks at Hillsboro Nutrition 

Article by Maria Dinoia

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

When Hillsboro Nutrition and Energy opened last December, owners Lucas, Cara and Bailey had no idea what to expect during a pandemic. However, the trio was pleasantly surprised at how busy their shop was. Lucas says, “A lot of people want to be healthier and boost their immune system.” Customers can choose between healthy shakes, protein coffees and energy drinks. And the shop not only offers add-ins like immune boosters, but most of their shakes are plant-based. Lucas adds, “We’ve always had a healthy lifestyle, so to speak. But what really prompted us to open was wanting to own our own business.”

I Tasted

Banana Nut Bread Shake

Flavor Profile

Packed full of banana flavor without being overly sweet


Hillsboro Nutrition

Pairs Well With

It’s a meal replacement shake packed with protein and therefore pretty filling. So if you’re going to pair it with anything, I suggest something light like a piece of fruit.


It’s truly banana nut bread in shake form! Don’t have time to mix and bake banana bread? You can enjoy that delicious banana bread flavor quickly and easily with this healthy shake. Low carb, low sugar and big protein!