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Tackling the Seasonal Wardrobe Switch

Tackling the Seasonal Wardrobe Switch


Article by Maria Dinoia

Photography by Cameron Hinkle

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

It’s not always easy to dress for Tennessee’s weather. Most especially, as winter turns to spring and you wake up to a frosty 35 degree morning only to have it be a sunny 60 degrees by noon. It can be tough to plan your outfits. One day it’s jeans and boots and the next day it’s a floral dress. It’s confusing! So we asked Kathleen Shore, owner of Lizard Thicket how to help make the transition from winter to spring a little easier. Her advice: layer! “The transition from winter to spring is kind of fun because it’s still a little bit crisp and cool out, so you’re able to layer things. Layering is one of the funnest styles because you can really put like an exquisite little dress with a leather or jean jacket and mix up the style because you’re cold. You can go in to more fun, soft colors that are more flowery just to bring out the life that spring is coming. A short corduroy skirt with a light sweater and cute booties is a really easy thing to do. Any of these looks can go from a daytime in to a casual evening.”

Shore is the new owner of the Cool Springs Lizard Thicket who saw the ownership opportunity as a “new avenue to inspire women in their beauty. An outer expression of their inner beauty. It’s a lot of fun!” Shore and her husband were the former owners of a landscape business for over 30 years. They sold that business and Lizard Thicket came across their plate. Shore says, “I have lived a life of just loving to pour in to women. And here, I love to bring in the life, the vision, the focus. I’m not at the cash register everyday. We have an amazing team that does an awesome job!”